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07/28/10 12:09 PM #1    


Lisa Gentry (Basil)

Welcome to the John L McClellan High School Class Of 1981 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

08/09/10 10:16 AM #2    


Lisa Gentry (Basil)

Hey everyone!  Thanks for joining us here at!  We are hoping that this site will become a permanent way to stay in touch with our friends, keep up with YOUR news, all while maintaining a database for contact information.  So, make sure you update your profile when you move, get married, get divorced, have children (are we still doing that??), grandchildren, get that long-overdue degree, or whatever news you have to share.

As you might have noticed, we have lost 24 (updated 3/2013 to 27) of our classmates.  Each one of them touched so many during their lifetime.  Would you take a moment and write a memory on their page?  We would like to invite their family to post their obituary, post photos and/or write something that they would like to share for their loved one's page.  If you know how to contact their family, would you send me a quick email with their contact information (   I know how important it is for a family to have their loved one remembered.  I would love to invite them to be a guest member of our webpage, as well.  That way, they can visit their loved one's page at any time.

Post photos!  I know you all have photos you would like to share.  So, get on it!  LOL!  Reunion photos?  Post them at the Reunion Photo tab.

The Reunion Committee has been and will continue to work to find ALL of our classmates.  If you see someone on the "Missing Classmates" tab and you know how to find them, please jump in!  Our reunion's success depends on YOU!  There are many that have never attended a reunion before.  Let's strive to have all 500+ classmates there.

On a final note, it has been my pleasure to get this site up and running.  If you know of any other MHS class, your spouses class, or have a friend that would like to start one of their own, please send them my email address (above) and we'll get them going.  PLEASE NOTE:  We get $50 for every referral.  With a few referrals, we could pay for our site and not have it come out of our reunion fund.  So, start talking!  :)

Take care and let us know if you have any suggestions, comments, questions, etc.


08/14/10 02:59 PM #3    

Robin Lindsay (Reardon)


     You have done a Great job with this Website, I'm sure you had the help of Ronnie and Sharon, so Kudo's to you all!!!  Sure missed you in LR, this past week. It was GREAT to be home and see old friends.



08/23/10 09:44 PM #4    


Mary Hess (Joyner)


You have done a great job getting the website together and I have been talking our website up and I will talk to other people about getting there school going as well. The people that I have talk to think that it is really neat. That is really a great way to stay in contact with your classmates. I really didn't like to much because you don't get to go to all the sites on there website. Thanks again for all your hard work and the committee hard work. The lord will bless you all for all that you do. Be blessed and take care.  Mary

09/06/10 12:39 AM #5    


Tanya Smiley (Bivens)


Thank you for reaching out and making an effort to invite all our classmates.  I often thought about the Class of 1981 over the years but never received any contact concerning the reunions.   I am saddened that we have lost classmates and I never shared with them after High School.   I wish you all the best in this endeavor for I have planned many family reunions and you have your hands full.   While I haven't lived in Arkansas for more than 20 years I will try to assist in locating some of our missing classmates.   I must admit I have to look in the yearbook to match names and faces. :)  It would be wonderful to have a nice representation of the "Class that is beaten by none, the mighty class of 1981"

Be Blessed!  Tanya


09/18/13 01:11 PM #6    

Deborah Cooley (Self)


I just want to say how much I appreciate all your work on this site and keeping us updated on our classmates.    It is such a sad moment to hear about loosing a classmate but at the same time it is so nice to know about the services and that persons life since school.   It is also good to be able to keep in touch with classmates I haven't seen in years and then to find out they live close to me.    It has been fun catching up and finding out how they are doing.   Thanks for all your work!! 

Love Ya,

Deborah Cooley Self

03/25/19 05:50 PM #7    


Kelly Hill

I know this site is intended for the class of 81, but we knew or, were at least familiar with all the classes from 79 - 83. I found this video from the class of 80. I thought it was very well done and wanted to share.

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