Kera Bisbee Zierhart

Profile Updated: January 26, 2016
Spouse/Partner: David
Number of Children: Mine are Jen (Mike), Doug (Kandice), and Cody (Cristina).
His is Danny.. We have 4 grandchildren, More…Elizabeth, Peyton, Annabelle and Cody Austin, Jr. and we are expecting our 5th, Serenity in May of 2016. We also have 2 dogs (Bob and Raji) and a cat (Maynard)..
Occupation: RN at Northwest Medical in Bentonville, AR
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Yes! Attending Reunion

9981 Kirk Hollow Rd

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Rogers, Ar

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If married, how long have you been married?

Since 7/24/2010

Age of your OLDEST child?


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What is the age of your oldest grandchild (as of April, 2011?)


Share your funniest memory from high school!

The greatest memory I have from Cloverdale til graduation was being blessed with friends like Lisa Mosley, Marilyn Sykes, Karen Griffin and Cherrye Buchanan. With the exception of Lisa, whom I met in elementary school, we all met in 8th grade and hung out in a group until our junior year. We all ran around together, had fun together and supported each other in happy times and bad/sad times...We supported each other when our family members divorced or died, when we fell in "love" or broke up, excelled in band, or flunked the test... By our junior year, we started drifting apart over things that don't really seem that important now. But, I cherish those memories the most.

Share your most unforgettable high school memory:

I guess I got my boxes backwards... the unforgettable memory is in the funniest's box...LOL
The funniest memory is the night Marilyn and I (miss goody two shoes) told my parents we were going to cruise Geyer Springs...However, we decided to cruise Camp Robinson instead.. Before we made it back to Geyer Springs, I had car trouble and had to call my parents. The ONLY time I shed my "wings", I got caught. I had a hard time convincing my parents that I did not make it a habit to lie to them all of the time. Now if I had it to do over, I would have sown the wild oats in high school and not after my divorce.

What was your favorite song from 1980-1981?

I can't think of any particular song, but I liked music by Billy Joel, Air Supply, Styx, REO Speedwagon, Eric Carmen and Lynard Skynard...

Who was your favorite McClellan teacher or staff member? Why?

Mrs Dalton... she gave me an "A" in home economic even though I could not cook, sew or begin to know how to be a "betty homemaker". We made a dress/shirt and would automatically make an "A" on the assignment if we would wear the item to school. Mine was so ugly, I was willing to take a lower grade "not" to wear the dress. I still got an "A". She was my favorite teacher from that point on...

What has been your most important life lesson learned since high school?

Never take things (or people) for granted. I never got to tell Marilyn I was sorry I blew her off the last time she called when she was in Arkansas. When I finally discovered facebook, I tried to look her up.. I could not find her until this sight came out and I saw her name in the "deceased" section. Don't take people for granted, life does not promise us tomorrow...

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