Tavie Hampton

Profile Updated: January 4, 2011
Number of Children: None
Occupation: Church M.O.M. / Musician
Yes! Attending Reunion
If married, how long have you been married?

21 Years

Age of your OLDEST child?


How many grandchildren do you have?


What is the age of your oldest grandchild (as of April, 2011?)


Share your funniest memory from high school!

During Mrs Janis Morrison's English class, I would mimic the sound of our Dismissal / Change class Bell (Quite well, i might add) about 10 minutes before it was suppose to ring. Everyone would get up and they could'nt tell the difference between me and the real bell and when we would get out into the Main Hall they would all look around and wonder why WE WERE THE ONLY ONES IN THE HALLWAY. I Got away with that for a long time till Mrs Morrison caught onto me. That was very funny and priceless.

Share your most unforgettable high school memory:

There are SO MANY. Athletic & Choir Events, Homecoming of '80 and the Mills High Marshmallow Bombing of our Stadium. Cruisin' GeyerSprings. Off Campus Lunch Period. Sounds of Now. We had the best times back then.

What was your favorite song from 1980-1981?

All Songs

Who was your favorite McClellan teacher or staff member? Why?

Mr. Earl Cloud - He had a way of teaching math that made me understand it so clearly for the 1st in my Jr High/High School academic experience. Seems like he really cared about me learning. Mrs. Janis Morrison -Taught English and Literature. She was just a Sweetheart who made sure i did ALL OF My WORK. She would catch me trying to take short cuts Every Time. She was Sharp. Mrs Jane Stout - We got to cook and eat in class. Ms. Brenda Wilson - WOW !!!!!!!!!! Mrs. Bridges - Very Sweet and Careing Lady. Mr. David DeArmond - Knew how to build a Great Award winning Choir and keep the learning fun at the same time.

What has been your most important life lesson learned since high school?

To always give your best and NEVER settle for


Since 1981; I've gone to college (A WONDERFUL Experience) and i've been trying to make an honest living, Not saying that i've been dishonest because i haven't. Life has been good but wow how time brings about a change. I've gotten OLD, WEAK, FAT, and GRAY.
I could really use a couple of Hostess CupCakes right about now.

Can't wait to see THE CLASS of '81

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Tavie Hampton has a birthday today.
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Tavie Hampton has a birthday today.
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Tavie Hampton has a birthday today.
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Tavie Hampton has a birthday today.
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Tavie Hampton has a birthday today.
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