Becky Paxton Skarda

Profile Updated: June 30, 2012
Spouse/Partner: Nada
Number of Children: Drew age 23
Lyndsey age 21
Krissy age 8
My beautiful grand daughter Jaxsy is 1 Yr old:)
Occupation: Permanent cosmetic artist
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Yes! Attending Reunion

603 N Arch St.

City, State


Zip Code


If married, how long have you been married?

? Is how long have I Not been married;)

Age of your OLDEST child?


How many grandchildren do you have?


What is the age of your oldest grandchild (as of April, 2011?)

She wasn't born in April of 2011 (she is 13 months old)

Share your funniest memory from high school!

Coach teaching us the American History of football:) Sorry that's all I have:( wow these ?'s are hard lol I feel like I'm back in High School:) and btw I answered this one last.

Share your most unforgettable high school memory:

Dropping out mid junior year like an Idiot!! Can't change the past only Learn from it and hopefully teach your children to Not make the same mistakes!!

What was your favorite song from 1980-1981?

Seriously just one song?? Many come to mind but one that stands out....? REO Speedwagon 157 riverside avenue I have to add that it was just One of my favs!!

Who was your favorite McClellan teacher or staff member? Why?

10th grade English teacher she was A Very Good Teacher and I'm embarrassed I can't remember her name:(
Mrs. Billingsly??!?

What has been your most important life lesson learned since high school?

Life is short, too short to be unhappy!! Love yourself so others can Love you too!! It sucks getting old!! Life isn't fair and the sooner you deal with that and accept it the easier your life will be!! Don't take people for granted and always let the ones you love know how much you love them!! Having a child at 40 Does Not Keep you young lol but definelty keeps you moving (which prevents you from staying young) in a forward positive direction!! Which leads to the Most Important thing I've learned...Everything Happens the Way it is Supposed to in other words there is a reason for it!! My baby girl has helped me through some great losses in my life!! I can't imagine my world without her in it!! Thought of one more thing...try to live your life with fewer Regrets!! I have Alot of regret as I think about the good ol days and luckily I can say as a grown up ( at 49) that I have a lot less to regret!! And for you Scott Terry Pay Attention To The RED Flags they are there for a reason!!

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